GOOD NEWS: Brexit be damned, Grip has made it to the other side! We're proud to announce that we have officially launched our product in the UK.

After testing thousands of people in the Netherlands, we are thrilled and excited that we're now available to customers in the UK. Our mission is to offer all people with ovaries a chance to get more insight into their hormones and fertility.

If you want to pre-order to the UK, you can do so on our new & fresh website: heygrip.co.uk

. From the 1st of March we’ll be all set to send your kits to you!

Want to learn more? Check out our blog page and get all the relevant information you want to know about fertility.

Late to the party? Follow us on Instagram @heygrip & Facebook so you stay tuned on our latest updates!

It really matters that we can be proactive about our hormonal health, rather than having to wait until something is broken. Special shout out to all of you early customers in the Netherlands for believing in us from the start, and making us grow faster than we ever imagined.

Thanks as always,

Ling & Anne Marie