But, what about the dads?

Well spotted.

Getting pregnant requires two people, and 50% of all couples who come to fertility clinics go because the guy has issues with his sperm. Getting pregnant is not a womens issue, it’s a couples issue. That said, figuring out if and when you’re going to have a baby is something that unfortunately still has more effect on women.

At Grip we’re not just selling fertility testing kits, we’re building a community that understands where you’re at, and what sort of questions you have. On our closed chat group, you will see discussions on when it’s the right time to tell your boss that you’re trying to get pregnant, or how to get your partner to understand that you’d really rather go on a trip around the world before even thinking of kids.

If your partner wants to get tested too, then we recommend getting a YoSperm test kit. They’re an FDA cleared at home sperm testing kit, which allows you to check both quantity and motility of your partner’s sperm.

Happy testing!

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